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Betsson partnership sees GIG Comply maintain its tier1 status

first_imgShare Betsson outrides pandemic challenges as regulatory dramas loom July 21, 2020 Ronni Hartvig, BetssonStockholm-listed online gambling group Betsson AB has become the latest industry incumbent to integrate Gaming Innovation Group’s ‘GIG Comply’ provisions across its digital marketing operations.Updating stakeholders, Betsson details that it has integrated the industry’s most sophisticated ‘compliance screening tool’ to support its ongoing multi-brand marketing campaigns.Helping operators adhere to diverse marketing compliance standards across multiple jurisdictions, GiG Comply is able to scan +30,000 web pages daily referencing operator brands/domains.Ronni Hartvig, Chief Commercial Officer at Betsson Operations, said: “We are looking forward to working with the GiG Comply product to reinforce Betsson Group’s existing compliance processes. The product will support us in guaranteeing that affiliate activity and marketing is compliant and sustainable.”Betsson details that its group marketing will benefit from GIG Comply provisions by reducing ‘laborious manual checking of partner websites’ and gaining deeper oversight on compliance reporting to maintain standards and help avoid potential future conflicts.Richard Brown – GIGPublishing its H1 2019 results, GIG governance highlighted its compliance tool as one of the fastest-growing divisions of the company, which has secured ten tier-1 clients since its launch.Richard Brown, Chief Operations Officer at GiG, added: “We are excited to add Betsson Group to our growing number of partners and to support them in protecting their brands and end-users. Our leading marketing and compliance technology will allow Betsson Group to keep even more control of its affiliate marketing.” Submit Share Related Articles StumbleUpon GiG lauds its ‘B2B makeover’ delivering Q2 growth August 11, 2020 GiG ups code security oversight with Checkmarx July 10, 2020last_img read more

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Becky Lynch on doing things her way in WWE, SummerSlam, waiting for Ronda Rousey to return

first_imgIt’s one thing to make it to the top of the WWE Universe. It another thing to stay there. Just ask “The Man.”It’s been nonstop Becky Lynch — the current “RAW” women’s champion — over the last year when her WWE’s career exploded to another level behind her sharp tongue and relentless work ethic both in and out of the ring. For her to come out and talk about how much it means to her to get a title shot against her friend, I’m not your friend anymore. I’m your opponent. You’re trying to take away something I’ve worked my entire life for, something I care about more than anything. I’m going to beat the hell out of you in your home country and snap your arm in front of your family if that’s what it comes down to.SN: Considering how the two of you were tied together for so long, do you miss not having Ronda Rousey around WWE?BL: Do I miss her? Absolutely not. If she wants to come back, I’ll still be holding onto the championship and happy to face her. I didn’t run. She ran. I still want that singles match. I still want that singles match so whenever she wants to come back and face me, I’ll be right here waiting, carrying this division that she abandoned. Join DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearLynch had her defining moment at WrestleMania, winning both the “RAW” and “SmackDown” women’s championships as women headlined the annual mega-event.Now, she’s trying to enjoy the fruits of the labor, but there is no stop. But there are perks that come with the job. That includes donning the cover of the upcoming WWE2K20 video game alongside fellow WWE superstar Roman [email protected] just announced that The Man @BeckyLynchWWE & The Big Dog @WWERomanReigns will be on the cover for #WWE2K20!! https://t.co/JPkWvEa492 pic.twitter.com/Di37NOL6Nl— WWE (@WWE) August 5, 2019This Sunday at SummerSlam in Toronto, Lynch will put her “RAW” women’s championship on the line in a submission match against Toronto’s own Natalya in front of what should be a raucous crowd at the Scotiabank Arena.Just hours before the Aug. 5 edition of “RAW” in Pittsburgh, Sporting News spoke with the “Irish Lass kicker” about making the cover of the upcoming WWE2K20 video game (out on Oct. 22 and available for pre-order now), trying to stay on top of the mountain, her upcoming SummerSlam match and her arch-nemesis Ronda Rousey.SPORTING NEWS: You are on the cover of the new WWE2K20 video game alongside Roman Reigns. What was your reaction when you found out?BECKY LYNCH: You know, “The Man” doesn’t shriek but I may have shrieked when I found out. It’s pretty cool. There’s certain things you want in your life. One of them is main-eventing WrestleMania, one of them is to be a playable character in a video game. And to be on the cover of the video game — stop it. That’s next level stuff. SN: You wanted this spot, these opportunities for a long time. Now you’ve had them for close to the last year. Has it been everything you thought it would be?BL: Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s a lot of targets on your back. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of no sleep. It’s a lot of running on adrenaline and I love it.SN: There’s always a process of getting to this stage in a career. Now that you’re there, that you’ve main-evented WrestleMania, you’re on the cover of the new WWE 2K video game, how difficult is it to maintain this position?BL: Yeah, it’s probably harder, you know because you’re always the hero on the chase to the villain and the victory, right? Everybody wants to support you when you’re climbing but once you get there, everybody kind of wants to knock you down a peg or two … or three or four or five. So, the work gets harder. We are in the business of how have you entertained me lately.OK, yeah, you did something cool last week but what have you done this week? What did you do on Twitter? What did you do in Instagram? So, it’s always constantly thinking of more ways to evolve and then you’ve got more attention, you’ve got more eyes on you. You always have to be thinking. You always have to be creative and working and trying to evolve.SN: This huge boom in your career really began a year ago at SummerSlam when you attacked Charlotte Flair following your match. Did you think that was going to be a career-altering moment?BL: Yes, I actually did at the time because I knew that the people were there supporting me and that I knew once you decide that you’ve had enough and you’re not going to take crap anymore, people can feel that because we’ve all felt like that. We’ve all been in that position where we’re taking so much and we’re just sick to death but finally, one day, you wake up and say enough’s enough. I’ve done things the right way — now let me do them my way and see where that gets me. And let me tell you from experience, it gets you pretty far. SN: Obviously, you had success in WWE before that moment but it had never been to this level. Is there any part of you that wonders ‘what took them so long to really get me like this?’BL: The fans were always behind me. Fans were always with me. The reason why I got where I am was because of them. It was them telling the people behind the stage ‘She’s got something. We like her. We have a connection with her.’ When I was on top of that ladder in Chicago at Money in the Bank (in 2018), the crowd went mad and that showed everybody that I have something.People that thought I was destined to be good but not great, a good hand, somebody who can make people look good, somebody that can make people into stars but wasn’t necessarily a star herself. The crowd and the reaction, that changed everybody’s perception backstage which then pushed me to the next level. SN: We all know that you and Seth Rollins are in a relationship and we’ve seen you work together in WWE including a match teaming up at Extreme Rules in July. We haven’t seen you together on TV since then. Would you like to work together or is it better to go your separate ways on screen?BL: I think it was cool to see us side-by-side but we both have our own divisions to carry right now. So, I think let me go and do my own thing, let him go and do his own thing. We’ll be fighting and defending for my championship and hopefully his championship after SummerSlam.I think when you see two bad asses fighting together, that’s cool. When you hear about them being in a relationship every few minutes, maybe not so cool. (laughs)SN: Is it tough to have that kind of a spotlight? It’s one thing to be seen together in public but it’s another when you’re doing your job together and the job is in the WWE, which is very unique and brings a different kind of spotlight. BL: Yeah, it is what it is. It was cool to work with him and he is the best at what he does and I’m the best at what I do. Side-by-side, I think that’s awesome. I think when we put the focus on the wrong thing, then things can get a little bit skewed.Knock knock @NatbyNature #summerslam #canadasnewhero pic.twitter.com/6289wmoHTF— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) August 5, 2019SN: You’re going to facing Natalya at SummerSlam for your “RAW” women’s championship. Do you think the buildup and the match will be more satisfying considering the history between the two of you and that you’ve known each other for more than a decade?BL: We’ve known each other for 14 years. I had my first tour with Nattie 14 years ago in Japan. Before that, I met her, I think in September in Canada and we’ve got through a lot. We were the closest of friends and then she stabbed me in the back. When I got my face broken, when I was concussed, she held my hand when I was getting stitches and then she goes off and trains Ronda Rousey to try and beat me. When she knows all that I’ve been through to get where I am, it busted my heart a little bit.last_img read more

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Chairman Terdsak Marrome UPF Chair Excellencies

first_imgChairman Terdsak Marrome (UPF Chair). Excellencies. Distinguished Ministers. Parliamentarians. Ambassadors for Peace. Representatives from 26 nations. Ladies and Gentlemen.It is my great honor to address you today in this historic venue, the United Nations Conference Centre, ESCAP Hall.We are gathered today in beautiful Thailand, a nation with a profoundly rich cultural heritage shaped by great religious traditions, including Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam and most of all Buddhism.  The people of this land are known for their gentle kindness and generosity.I would like to acknowledge His Majesty, the late King Bhumibol [pronounced Boomibon], who served as father of this nation for more than 70 years, and who is still loved and respected by all the people of ThailandI want to express appreciation for the sponsors of this program, UPF (Universal Peace Federation), FFWPU (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification), YFWP (Youth Federation for World Peace) and WFWP (Women’s Federation for World Peace).Each of these organizations, founded by my parents, the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, has been devoted for decades to building a world of sustainable peace. They maintain their presence in more than 145 nations around the world.We gather today for an extremely important purpose, to inaugurate the “Youth and Students for Peace” association. With this in mind, our thematic focus is on “The Role of Youth and Students in Creating a Culture of Sustainable Peace.”Today we have representatives from throughout East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  Many of you are Ministers of Education, Professors, School Administrators, along with student leaders.  Most importantly we have nearly 1000 young people attending our program today. My mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, asked me to speak to you today on her behalf.In February of this year, in Korea, with more than 1500 young people gathered from Korea, Japan and nations around the world, my mother launched the international association of Youth and Students for Peace.  She called on the young people to become champions of peace and leaders who can bring about social transformation for the sake of sustainable peace.In order to accomplish this goal, she emphasized that young people must develop the skills and capacities required to become leaders of the future.  Education, therefore, is absolutely essential, including both professional education in the arts and sciences that equip us with the knowledge required to function with high levels competence in various fields such as business, education, service industries, IT, health care, legal services, or government service.In addition to the acquisition of the skills required for excellence in a career, it is also equally important, if not more important, that we develop our moral character by cultivating virtues such as empathy, and living for the sake of others.If we become competent professionals without become good men and woman who care about others, who care about future generations, who care about the suffering of others, who care about our environment, then we cannot become the people who can transform our world.We are all keenly aware that our world is struggling to overcome many critical challenges that threaten the quality of life, and may even threaten life itself.  The United Nations is to be applauded for identifying the critical issues of our time—-poverty, epidemics, climate change and environmental degradation, extremism, etc.—and has established the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, calling upon all member states to contribute to the achievement of these goals.However, Governments alone cannot achieve the SDGs.  It requires a wide range of partnerships among governments, civil society, the private sector, faith-based organizations, and individual citizens.My parents have taught that peace is a term that describes the quality of relationships such that they are characterized by harmony, cooperation, respect and love.  Ultimate, peace is the ideal of achieving a world where all people throughout the world live together as brothers and sisters, like a harmonious family.While we may identify with a particular nationality, ethnicity, religion, or culture, we should affirm our common humanity, a value that transcends our individual backgrounds.Moreover, in addition to harmony among peoples from diverse nations, cultures and religions, there must be respect, appreciation, and harmony with the natural world, including all living things, our planet, the universe.  We are the stewards of this planet.  We are to take care of this precious environment so that future generations do not live in fear of extinction.Once again, I applaud the UN for its efforts to address the threats posed by climate change, rising sea levels, desertification, deforestation, and over-reliance on fossil fuels.  I urge all of you, as leaders of tomorrow, to become agents of change, men and women who will reverse that trends that have violated the purity and beauty of our natural environment.To those of you who hold positions in education, I cannot say enough how important your role is, as you work to raise up the next generations to be the people who can take on and overcome the overwhelming challenges of our time.While education within the classroom is very important, we must not overlook the essential role played by the family.  My parents have always taught that the first school that any child attends is the school of their own family.Their first teachers are none other than mom and dad.  In fact, many argue that long before we enter a classroom, our hearts and minds are shaped in profound ways by early childhood experiences in the family.Thus, my parents placed family at the core of their global vision of peace. In fact, it is by building families of true love, raising children of good character, guided by the principle of living for the sake of world peace, that we contribute to sustainable peace.As young people, I know many of you look forward to the day when you will marry and form a family.  I encourage you with all my heart to take on this task with great seriousness.  Your decisions about marriage and family are completely relevant and essential to the task of building a world of peace.We live at a time when there is much confusion in areas of love and marriage.  Popular culture often portrays the good life as characterized by self-indulgence.  Self-indulgence, however, takes us in a direction that makes it very difficult to establish harmonious, respectful relationships that are needed if we are to build a family of true love and peace.Please consider this point and, during your time at this conference, make every effort to learn and grown so that you can become a person who can make a true contribution to sustainable peace.In conclusion, I want to express once again my profound appreciation to the distinguished leaders from Thailand, from the United Nations and from many other nations who have honored this day with their presence.I am especially moved by the young people who have gathered here today to support the launch of Youth and Students for Peace.  You are humanity’s hope, and a shining light to the world.  I wish you every success and victory in your precious lives.The world needs you.  Please use your time well.Thank you for your attention. Inauguration of the Network for Youth and Students for Peace in Asia and the PacificKeynote Addresson behalf of Dr. Hak Ja Han MoonSun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPUJune 12, 2017 at ESCAP Hall, United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand[ download the speech ] [ See more pictures ]last_img read more

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